Do adjustments hurt?
Generally no, tender spots can be present occasionally. Most people feel much better within a few treatments. Dr Callaghan personalises the treatment for each patient. She uses low force treatment and is a very gentle adjuster. Our youngest patients can be day old babies and our oldest patient is 92 years old.

When will I get results?
This depends on how long the cause of the problem has been present and the degree of wear and tear to your spine, tendons, discs, ligaments and tissues. Most people feel an improvement within a short time of commencing care. A re-assessment is done each appointment with a full re-examination every twelfth visit or earlier. Dr Callaghan expects postural change, improved function in the spine with increased energy levels usually.

Why do I need a number of adjustments?
It takes time to change the habits of poor spinal function and everyone responds differently. By following the advice on your bed, pillow, exercise, diet and sleep etc your chiropractic care will be enhanced.

How can Chiropractic care improve my sleep?
Dr Callaghan uses a technique which encourages the Fight and Flight response to quieten. When a patient has a degree of Fight and Flight response their blood pressure may be up, bowel and reproductive system can be working poorly, and the sleep centre is not working properly because the body is in ‘alert’. Years of this state causes adrenal fatigue, chronic pain and chronic poor health. Hence, when function is improved in the spine, the patient often begins to sleep well again.

What will my GP think of me visiting a Chiropractor?
Most Chiropractors have excellent relationships with their GPs and they cross-refer patients to each other on a routine basis.

Are adjustments safe?
Chiropractic care is exceptionally safe for people of all ages. Specifically, neck surgery carries a 3 to 4% rate of complications which in turn leads to 4,000-10,000 deaths per million cases.  And in a study comparing a course of Chiropractic care with a course of anti-inflammatory drugs, Chiropractic care was shown to be 250 times safer.

What does an adjustment do?
Chiropractic DOES NOT cure anything. Chiropractic restores function and neurological balance. Once the body is functioning better then sleep centres are activated, bowel and reproductive systems begin to function better, pain receptors stop firing, greater movement and flexibility occurs and an increase in energy is usually profoundly observed.