Chiropractic assessment

A full neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic assessment is conducted on the first visit. Diagnosis and a proposed course of treatment is then discussed.

A report of findings is given with in depth discussion on lifestyle, pillow, bed, nutrition and workplace assessment.

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Foot analysis

The patient is assessed standing and lying down. There are many bones in the foot which all need to by dynamic (moving). The foot can influence all the way up the spine, even to the patient’s bite!

We provide analysis of feet and do a comprehensive report. A scan of the feet is also performed to determine the health of the arches in the feet.

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Prescribing of foot levellers

If needed due to pronation or supination of the foot, the patient’s scan is sent off for personalised Spinal Pelvic Stabilisers (orthotics) to be made.

They are a flexible not rigid orthotic and correct the three arches of the foot. They are specifically made for the patient’s individual feet.

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Bed and pillow assessment

Good pillow and bed support is vital for spinal health. Usually on the second visit time is put aside to discuss and assess the bed and pillow the patient is sleeping on.

The patient is asked to bring in their pillow for Dr Callaghan to assess and to teach the patient how to fit a pillow for themselves and their family.

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Once a patient has gone through their intensive care, which can range from 2 to12 weeks, then the patient begins rehabilitative care where the patient sees less of Dr Callaghan but does more on their own. The next stage is maintenance wellness care.

The patient and Doctor discuss what would work best for them for lifetime spinal health. It can range from monthly care to a check up every school holidays.

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Exercise programs

Exercise is vital for rehabilitation and spinal wellbeing. Exercise programs are individually designed and encouraged.

Nutritional support

Nutritional supplements are recommended short-term if needed. A balanced diet is discussed and implemented if required.

Lifestyle advice

Lifestyle needs and advice are discussed and individually designed to assist with sleep and stress management and general wellbeing.


Soft tissue work is a wonderful complementary therapy to support Chiropractic care. Remedial and relaxation massage is available at the clinic on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

We also offer dry needling which involves the use of acupuncture needles into muscle trigger points ( tender spots in the muscle) The needle reaches deep into the muscle targeting specific trigger points decreasing pain and increasing mobility and blood flow into the muscle.

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